Kyle Drake

The Creative Web, Cyber Culture, Digital Archiving


Neocities - Create your own free static website. Unlimited creativity, zero ads.


The Geocities Gallery - A restored visual gallery of the archived Geocities sites, sorted by neighborhood.

Mydora - A continuous streaming music player that allows you to listen to the Myspace Dragon Hoard archive: 490k recovered songs from 120k artists, with filtering by genre.

Element CSS - a CSS design / framework that only requires simple HTML elements for building a site
(this site uses it - view the source!)

Ad Block Bar - Appears on your web site if a visitor is not using an ad blocker, prompts them to install one. (obsolete)


Making the Web Fun Again - May 28, 2013

It's Time for the Distributed Web - Sept 8, 2015

You have IPv6. Turn it on. - May 4, 2016

Moratorium on freaking out about AI - Jun 2, 2023


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